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Dating in the New Millenium
by Melissa Seifert

Over the past 20 years the face of dating has gone through some noticeable changes. Traditional methods of finding a date would be to rely on friends to play matchmaker or to attend bars, various different social events and parties. We now rely on internet service providers to open the doors for romance. Whether we like it or not, the internet has changed our lives especially in the way we date and meet people

Men and women have moved their search for love to the internet simply because it is the most convenient in terms of time and money. However, along with this convenience also comes risk. Sure it takes the pressure off witty meaningful conversation, but how fun is that? And how do you know if the person who you are speaking with via text messaging actually looks like their picture or has all the great characteristics that they say they do? You cant read their body language to determine if they are genuine, dull or most importantly how they flirt, which is primarily the most important interaction you share with someone you are interested in

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According to a November, 2003 study by Jupiter Research, men are four times more likely than women to subscribe to an online dating site and twice as likely to browse, post, or respond to a profile. Obviously, those odds are stacked strongly in favor of the women  [More >>]

This is why in our striving to make things better, there is now a combination of the traditional meets cutting edge. Its called Speed Dating; this concept takes the demand of our fast paced society and still gives you the opportunity to meet someone face to face. Its a very good way of meeting a large number of people in a fun environment and in a condensed period of time. Speed dating may be the new way to meet but after the first date, you must use traditional dating methods to make sure that your relationship grows

Attending Singles parties in the past was deemed as an act of disparity but now they are becoming less and less unconventional. These parties are growing in popularity simply because we like to connect with people. Nothing beats a cheerful conversation and there is no better way of learning about someone than looking them in the eye and asking them a question.

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Great Tips For A Safe Online Dating Experience

Dating can be scary no matter how or where you meet. Maybe he hasn’t shaved in five years. Perhaps, she has a reputation as the Black Widow after never being called back for a second date. Any date is a toss up. Dating is sort of how Forrest Gump described life; it’s like a box of chocolates because you never know what you’re going to get.

Because of the anonymity of online dating, it can be trickier than conventional dating. Appearances and descriptions can be misleading, and unfortunately in other cases, just downright deceiving. By following a few tips, online daters can successfully experience safe dates and avoid being a guest on one of those “disastrous internet dating” talk shows.

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The one mistake people make is that they want perfectand they want it fast. The only way to find your perfect fit is to take the time and put your self out there as much as possible. Many people will go to a bar and stand around waiting to be approached, or take in enough liquid courage so that they can do the approaching. bit of a hintno one finds drunken people attractive.

Singles parties and speed dating events are for single people that are sick of standing around bars getting no where and for those who want to get to know a person face to face. Every person who comes out to a Single in the City event is there for the same reason, to meet new people for friendship or perhaps a future relationship. At these events you have eliminated 3 potential risks: Are they single? Are they looking to have a conversation? And Are they open to meeting me? It is not to say that you NEED to come to these events to meet someone, it is just simply the smartest way of doing so. is a leading Singles Organization that provides Speed dating, Singles Events and Matchmaking in Toronto and neighbouring cities in Southern Ontario. Visit

Melissa is the co-owner of Single in the City. She has 3 years experience in bringing singles together through singles events and personal matchmaking.


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Bugaboo Incorporated announced today the launch of a new web site that enables individuals to share feedback on people they have met through an online dating service. The site, called, is believed to be the first dedicated as a dater feedback forum and is available for viewing at

Seattle, WA (PRWEB via PR Web Direct) October 21, 2004 – Bugaboo Incorporated announced today the launch of a new web site that enables individuals to share feedback on people they have met through an online dating service. The site, called, is believed to be the first dedicated as a dater feedback forum and is available for viewing at

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