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Met Online Tips for that First Meeting
by Jennifer McVey

1. Before you meet someone, its essential that you let a friend or family member know where you’re going and who you’re meeting. Youll feel better and theyll feel better knowing youre being cautious.

2. Meet in a public place. There’s safety in numbers.

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3. Keep the first meeting brief. As everyone knows, chemistry is fickle. You may know right off the bat that you dont want to ever see this person naked, let alone sit through an entire dinner with him or her. So don’t agree to spend the day at Disneyland (which I didso I know what Im talking about) when a quick cup of coffee or a drink after work will suffice. If youre both having a wonderful time, that cup of coffee can always be extended into a walk around the park or lunch at your favorite bistro.

4. If you have a favorite outfit, wear it! Ladies, do your nails, fix up your hair, put on fresh lipstick. Guys, wear your lucky going out shirt. When you feel sexy and confident, it shows. It also shows the other person that you made an effort and that is sexy.

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5. Be polite. Even if there isn’t an attraction for you, treat the person you’re meeting with respect. He or she may not be the date of your dreams, but remember that they took the time and effort to come meet you.

6. Keep the conversation light and fun. Don’t bemoan your bad dating luck or how much you’re dying to have children…immediately! Think of a first meeting as a cocktail party: youre meeting someone new and the talk is typically frivolous and casual. Discuss your work, where you were raised, any traveling you did recently. Based on your personal ads, you should already have some idea of what you have in common. If its your mutual love for the Yankees or your record of never missing an episode of Survivor, talk about it.

7. Keep it casual and easy. Great ideas for a first meeting: grab some java at the local coffee house, hit happy hour for a glass of wine and buffalo wings (then go home!), have an al fresco lunch where people-watching is ample (terrific for any lulls in the conversation), or meet at the dog park with your pooches in tow.

8. Dont forget to have fun! Online dating, like any dating, is an adventure. Go with an open mind and youll do well. If nothing else, youll have great stories to tell your friends later.

Jennifer McVey, along with her two her best girlfriends, rode the internet dating wave for several years. Now happily married to a cute Canadian she met online, she is the webmistress of the internet dating directory, First Kiss Caf, where you can find personals, great advice, tips, travel and more for your dating adventures.


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